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Remove Threaded Comments in blogger Easily trick revealed

remove threaded comments blogger
This is a simple article explaining How to remove Blogger 's New Threaded commenting system easily.There are some problems with it,Many users report that when a user click on post link,it takes control to the bottom of the page(to the comment section).Would you think that Threaded commenting system is not Good for Blog? Then you can remove it.
I am not going to say too much about Threaded commenting System,because i hope you know about it.
Follow the instructions below carefully.

Awesome Random Posts Widget for blogger Blog

random posts widget
Random Posts widget is an awesome widget for your Blogger Blog.Most important feature of this widget is it lets your Blog visitors to surf more blog posts in your blog.Surely it increases your Blog's internal links that lets your blog higher traffic.
Its let your users to spend more time in your Blog.

Awesome Stylish 404 Error Pages For Blogger

Custom 404 Error Page for Blogger
404 Error or Page Not Found Error generated by Blogger when a user enters an invalid URL or 404 Error is an HTTP status code that means the page you are trying to reach on your Blog couldn't found or Page not exist in the Server.
By Default Blogger shows Error page message in a box and its not look Style.
Here I am saying about how to Customize it much better...