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Protect all images in your Blog jquery trick

Here is a most important trick every blogger need. This trick is about how to protect all your images in your blog with a transparent image covered on it. I recently posted an article about How to protect images? .This article about to protect all images.

Protect your images Blogger image hack

protect your images blogger trick
This is an awesome trick to protect your images.You can protect your images from copying with this Simple CSS Blogger Tricks.After applying this trick the person who save the image will get a transparent image instead of the original image.

Awesome NetOopsblog Subscription Widget for blogger

NetOopsblog Subscription box Blogger
This post is about how to add a Subscription Box like our NetOops blog. Subscription box contains Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, e-mail subscription. This widget is based on a wooden theme. Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed links are shown as Natural Wooden Sticky Boards. In this tutorial i am adding a new e-mail subscription box with wooden theme.