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How to Backup/Restore template in new blogger interface?

Backup restore new Blogger Template easily
Here i'm saying about an important topic that i had posted early " How to Backup/Restore Blogger Template? ". But i'm going to show you How to Backup/Restore  Blogger Template in New Blogger Template . Now a days Blogger default interface is Upgraded New Blogger Interface. Backup/Restore Template is so important,So don't take this as a silly matter.
Read Following see How to backup template in New Blogger Interface..

Optimize your post title to H1 tags better SEO Blogger Hack

Increase SEO with h1 tag Blogger hack
This is an important SEO Blogger trick to increase SEO. Heading tags have a great importance in Search engine results, Heading tags helps Search engines to recognize what is important in your blog.Heading are form H1 to H6 .H1 tags have higher priority.So we are going to hack blogger template by changing H3 tags to H1 tags. By default blogger post title is in H3 tag,here is a trick to change it to H1 tag for more SEO.

Protect Your Blog posts from Copying Blogger Trick

Stop copying blog content with css
Copying blog posts or articles from sites/blogs on internet is a usual thing.Here i am going to share you how to protect your blogger posts/articles form getting Stolen.This is a trick to lock your text and the visitors of your blog can't select the text only they can read the text. If they cracked that method and select the text there is another trick to disable right click menu,so they can't copy text.. Enjoy...

HTML Character Count SEO Tool for Blogger

HTML character count SEO tool for blogger
HTML Character count Tool is a popular tool to count characters that is used for SEO.You can count characters in the following Tool.Character count is mainly used to count Blogger post title characters. In Google SERP(Search Engine Result Page), Google shows 61characters of title of blog post.So keep Blog Title less than or equal to 61 characters. Manual counting of characters in title with white spaces is, i think it is bit difficult So use this tool to count..

15+ Smooth Jquery Scroll to Top widget generator for Blogger v.1

jquery scroll to top widget generator blogger
Jquery scrolling to top buttons help visitors to jump to top of page with smooth automatic scrolling.So the user/visitor of your blog can go to top of page with a single click.This smooth jquery scrolling makes your blog impressive.
I created a Blogger widget generator for ease of use.Create your favorite scroll to top Button with a single click.

Spraying animated subscription buttons for blogger v.1

spraying animated subscription buttons blogger
Spraying jQuery animated subscription buttons widget is an awesome widget for blogger.This animated subscription buttons created by Redeyeoperations and i modified it by adding some additional features.This widget works best in Mozilla Firefox..
I created a widget generator for you with some important options.