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Awesome Rainbow animation Link Widget for Blogger

This is a simple Blogger Blog Trick,Changing the color of Link when Mouse over it.7 colors are changing like animation when hover the link.
Follow the simple steps below..

Use Search Bar to Find a code in Blogger

find code in blogger
This article is very useful for Blogger beginners.This is a tutorial about how to find specific code in  webPages/Blogs/Websites.You may see many Blogger Tutorials on internet for the purpose of designing or to add gadgets to your blog,for eg: if you need to add some meta tags  inside <head> section.
 You go to
Design->Edit HTML
look for <head>

Create an Official Google plus Page to drive traffic

Google launched Google pages for Google plus.It is a business solution for promoting products,blogs,news,events etc.. to your fans.Another important feature is it will increase your blog's traffic.Now i am saying about how to create an official Google+ Fan Page for your Blog.You can share your blog posts,events,photos etc to your Google Official plus fan page.It is almost similar to Facebook Fan Page.
Lets see how to create it.(Description with images)
Follow the instructions

How to Backup/restore Blogger template

backup blog

This article is for absolute blogger beginners,about how to backup your blogger blog's template.This is very important thing that every blogger should beware of it. While adding or changing new features to your blog ,there may occur template crash.If you are not aware of this thing( backup template), it will affect your blogger blog's overall body language.So first you must know about backup your Blogger Blog Template.Follow the Steps 

Increase blog traffic using powerful meta tags

This is a very useful article for all bloggers,every blogger had a dream that their blog got higher rank in Google or other search engines.Adding meta tags to your blogger blog help you to increase blog traffic.The meta tag helps the search engine to find appropriate results,This is a powerful Search Engine optimization(SEO) method used by popular websites and blogs.
Within a few steps you can add powerful meta tags by following the below steps

Remove Subscribe to posts (atom) from Blogger Blog

#This is an article about how to remove Subscribe to:posts(Atom).
You must have seen that this Subscribe to:posts(Atom) at the bottom of your Blogger Blog.Blogger added it to every blogger blog for your visitors to subscribe atoms feeds.Do you thinks that it is quiet boring? Here a simple tip to remove it.
First of all 

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