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Google +1 button and Badge for Blogger

Google +1 button and Badge for blogger
Google's new GPlus +1 button for blogger,that lets to share your blog with like minded people across the world. Blogger introduces two Google+ gadgets (+1 Button and Google+ Badge) .Google+ button is almost same as Facebook Like button.Unlike the Google+ button appears below the post,the gadget is specific to your blog.Google+ gadget allows your visitors to recommend your blog and able to share on their circles.
Here i am going to show how to add this gadgets..

  • Sig in to your Blogger
  • Go to Layout and click Add Gadget
Google +1 button and Badge 
  • Take +1 button or Google+ Badge as you need
  • If you take Google+ badge give page ID
Google +1 button and Badge
  •   Thats all....
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  1. Hi i like this widgets it very easy to add it to blogspot blogs. you can add it on posts body just check out this Tutorial

  2. Really useful post, I am actually planning to take my blog to the next level now and I believe I can apply the great tips you have shared here. Thankyou! Techsive


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