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Remove Subscribe to posts (atom) from Blogger Blog

#This is an article about how to remove Subscribe to:posts(Atom).
You must have seen that this Subscribe to:posts(Atom) at the bottom of your Blogger Blog.Blogger added it to every blogger blog for your visitors to subscribe atoms feeds.Do you thinks that it is quiet boring? Here a simple tip to remove it.
First of all 

  • Sign In to your Blogger Account and Go to Design->Edit HTML
 Important:You must tick the check box  Expand Widget Templates
  • Find the following and delete it
<b:include name='feedLinks'/>
 Or put inside this (<!-- -->) like this <!-- <b:include name='feedLinks'/> -->

Its done...
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  1. thanks For the easy tutorials, Worked like a charmed. Thank you.

  2. This is simple to change. Keep up your work. I want to apply your template Here

  3. Here a simple tip to remove it.
    First of all seoclerk

  4. Very nice info of sharing us. Thanks


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