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Christmas snowfalls with breeze for Blogger 2012

Christmas snowfalls with breeze for Blogger 2012
Christmas is one of the largest festival celebrate all over the world. Christmas is the much awaited festival that knock the door of all Bloggers. And all are thinking about decorating their blog. How to decorate the blog with snowfalls and clouds ? Do you like to decorate your blog with beautiful snowflakes and clouds? Then here there is a article about how to add snowflakes with breeze to your blogger blog.

If your Blog has a dark interface then this widget serves better.The Snow flakes and the breeze are  in white color so dark background will be better to get a good look.

How to Change comments style on Blogger?

Style your Comments Block Blogger
First of all i'm saying sorry to all for the delay of posting.
This is a tutorial about how to style your comments block with effective designs.
This is done using Simple css Scripts.
The demo of a styled comments block is as follows.

Protect all images in your Blog jquery trick

Here is a most important trick every blogger need. This trick is about how to protect all your images in your blog with a transparent image covered on it. I recently posted an article about How to protect images? .This article about to protect all images.

Protect your images Blogger image hack

protect your images blogger trick
This is an awesome trick to protect your images.You can protect your images from copying with this Simple CSS Blogger Tricks.After applying this trick the person who save the image will get a transparent image instead of the original image.

Awesome NetOopsblog Subscription Widget for blogger

NetOopsblog Subscription box Blogger
This post is about how to add a Subscription Box like our NetOops blog. Subscription box contains Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, e-mail subscription. This widget is based on a wooden theme. Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed links are shown as Natural Wooden Sticky Boards. In this tutorial i am adding a new e-mail subscription box with wooden theme.

How to Backup/Restore template in new blogger interface?

Backup restore new Blogger Template easily
Here i'm saying about an important topic that i had posted early " How to Backup/Restore Blogger Template? ". But i'm going to show you How to Backup/Restore  Blogger Template in New Blogger Template . Now a days Blogger default interface is Upgraded New Blogger Interface. Backup/Restore Template is so important,So don't take this as a silly matter.
Read Following see How to backup template in New Blogger Interface..

Optimize your post title to H1 tags better SEO Blogger Hack

Increase SEO with h1 tag Blogger hack
This is an important SEO Blogger trick to increase SEO. Heading tags have a great importance in Search engine results, Heading tags helps Search engines to recognize what is important in your blog.Heading are form H1 to H6 .H1 tags have higher priority.So we are going to hack blogger template by changing H3 tags to H1 tags. By default blogger post title is in H3 tag,here is a trick to change it to H1 tag for more SEO.

Protect Your Blog posts from Copying Blogger Trick

Stop copying blog content with css
Copying blog posts or articles from sites/blogs on internet is a usual thing.Here i am going to share you how to protect your blogger posts/articles form getting Stolen.This is a trick to lock your text and the visitors of your blog can't select the text only they can read the text. If they cracked that method and select the text there is another trick to disable right click menu,so they can't copy text.. Enjoy...

HTML Character Count SEO Tool for Blogger

HTML character count SEO tool for blogger
HTML Character count Tool is a popular tool to count characters that is used for SEO.You can count characters in the following Tool.Character count is mainly used to count Blogger post title characters. In Google SERP(Search Engine Result Page), Google shows 61characters of title of blog post.So keep Blog Title less than or equal to 61 characters. Manual counting of characters in title with white spaces is, i think it is bit difficult So use this tool to count..

15+ Smooth Jquery Scroll to Top widget generator for Blogger v.1

jquery scroll to top widget generator blogger
Jquery scrolling to top buttons help visitors to jump to top of page with smooth automatic scrolling.So the user/visitor of your blog can go to top of page with a single click.This smooth jquery scrolling makes your blog impressive.
I created a Blogger widget generator for ease of use.Create your favorite scroll to top Button with a single click.

Spraying animated subscription buttons for blogger v.1

spraying animated subscription buttons blogger
Spraying jQuery animated subscription buttons widget is an awesome widget for blogger.This animated subscription buttons created by Redeyeoperations and i modified it by adding some additional features.This widget works best in Mozilla Firefox..
I created a widget generator for you with some important options.

Google +1 button and Badge for Blogger

Google +1 button and Badge for blogger
Google's new GPlus +1 button for blogger,that lets to share your blog with like minded people across the world. Blogger introduces two Google+ gadgets (+1 Button and Google+ Badge) .Google+ button is almost same as Facebook Like button.Unlike the Google+ button appears below the post,the gadget is specific to your blog.Google+ gadget allows your visitors to recommend your blog and able to share on their circles.
Here i am going to show how to add this gadgets..

Awesome CSS3 animated Menu for blogger Blog

css3 sliding menus for blogger blog
There are many menus available on internet .Here I am saying about some pure css3 menus for your Blogger Blog.Here is a collection of pure css3 sliding animation menus.Let us see how to setup a beautiful menu for your Blogger Blog.

Create your own google type search engine

create google type search engine
Here is a funny and interesting trick I am going to show you.Create a Google Type search engine with your Google type Logo.It can be done very easily..

How to Disable lightbox in blogger

disable lightbox in blogger
Blogger also provides lightbox for viewing images.But if you take one image,it will open and the whole pictures in the page are listed ,Sometimes it may be a good feature also a bad feature.Here is a Simple trick to disable lightbox in blogger.

Change Older and Newer posts with Post Titles for Blogger

change older posts newer posts with titles
Change posts Navigation Links Newer posts and older posts by the Corresponding Post Titles.This Awesome Blogger Hack lets your blog visitors to Know Newer and Older posts and they can go to that Posts.I got this hack from YABTB blog .This hack is done by MS-potilas of YABTB blog.All credits goes to YABTB.  This awesome trick done using some jquery script.

Add Page Peel effect with jQuery & CSS to Blogger

page peel for blogger
You may saw this awesome trick used by many professional and other Websites/Blogs.This Page peel is used to Show ads ,this page peel attract Blog visitors and they may have the tendency to click on ad and your earnings increases.Also this page peel can be used to increase your Subscribers.Here I am going to show you how to add a page peel trick to Blogger blog.

Change Animated favicon to Blogger blog

Change favicon of blogger
Changing the favicon of your blog is a simple trick.By default blogger puts the blogger orange color logo to favicon.This can change to your blog logo.
Favicon appears next to the URL or title in the browser.If you have a logo of your blog then you can simply upload to blogger.Else there are many sites providing free favicon generator.See Netoops blog favicon on the top your browser.
Follow the instructions below.

Add CSS codes into your blogger blog easily

add css code easily in blogger blog
How to Add CSS codes to your blogger Blog easily.
Sometimes you may want to add CSS codes to your blog for styling blog elements or blog widgets,Many of us adding CSS code by going to Edit HTML and add codes before ]]></b:skin> and save template, Using this method by mistake  if any of the content in it deleted ,it my goes to your Template Crash.So there is a secure and alternate way to add CSS code as follows   .Here is a simple way to add CSS codes.

Facebook jQuery POP OUT likebox widget generator

facebook likebox widget
I had developed a Facebook Static popout jquery effect Like box generator for you.This Widget Generator let's you easily generaate your favorite Facebook style Widget and also easily add to your Blogger Blog.In my previous Article (How to Add a Static Facebook jQuery Pop out Widget) I told you about Static Facebook POP OUT Widget installation manually.Use this Widget generator and Enjoy..!

Dynamic Views Button with jquery Effect for Blogger Blog

Here is a Simple Tip to Set a Button for Changing the Blog View to Dynamic Views.I added Smooth jquery Hover Effect to Button.You can set any template to your Blogger Blog.If you add this Button to your Blog.It lets your Blog visitors to View Blog in Dynamic Views when they Click this Button.

Stylish Static animated Flash Clock for Blogger

stylish clock blogger
Here I am saying about How to Add a Stylish Flash Animated Clock to your Blogger Blog.Here is a huge collection of Clock widgets for your taste.Follow the Simple Steps below to make your Blog Stylish,Cool, and Smart looking Blog.

Facebook Static Pop Out Like Box with jQuery Effect for Blogger

facebook pop out likebox
 Here is a Tutorial about how to add a static Pop out Like Box with Cool jQuery hover effect.This a Awesome Blogger Blog Widget that adds a little beauty to your blog.

After installing this Widget a Facebook Logo will appear on the right side of your Blog.When you Mouse over that Logo it Pop out with Smooth jQuery Effect.

Follow the instructions for installing this Widget.

Convert Blog Posts to PDF file in Blogger Blog

pdf blog post
Here is a post that helps you to easily convert the Blog posts/Blog/Website to a Pdf file.So you can easily refer that Blog Post without the connection of Internet.

Follow the Instructions Below

Add Flying Letters below Mouse Pointer Animation

flying letters below mouse
How to setup flying letters below mouse pointer.This a simple article that Spice your Blog.After inserting this Code,When you move mouse over your Blog, you will see that Letters you SET in the below code will flying like a Animation.

Find Color Code - Online Tool For Designing

Color code generator
Here is a color code Finder Tool for you to easily find the Hex,RGB code of the color you want.
This is an important Tool that a Blogger Blog owner need.
The Following Online Color Code Generator Help you when Design your Blog.

Stylish Google friend connect Button to Increase followers

Google Friend Connect
Google Friend Connect is an awesome Tool that lets your visitors to Follow your Blog and Increase your Blog Rank,gets Higher Traffic.

Here I am saying about how to add a Standalone Google Friend connect Button or Link to Your Blog/Page or anywhere in your Blog.

This Google Friend Connect Widget can only be place at Widget.This Standalone Friend connect button can place at anywhere also in the Post.

Follow the instructions below.

Awesome Rainbow animation Link Widget for Blogger

This is a simple Blogger Blog Trick,Changing the color of Link when Mouse over it.7 colors are changing like animation when hover the link.
Follow the simple steps below..

Use Search Bar to Find a code in Blogger

find code in blogger
This article is very useful for Blogger beginners.This is a tutorial about how to find specific code in  webPages/Blogs/Websites.You may see many Blogger Tutorials on internet for the purpose of designing or to add gadgets to your blog,for eg: if you need to add some meta tags  inside <head> section.
 You go to
Design->Edit HTML
look for <head>

Create an Official Google plus Page to drive traffic

Google launched Google pages for Google plus.It is a business solution for promoting products,blogs,news,events etc.. to your fans.Another important feature is it will increase your blog's traffic.Now i am saying about how to create an official Google+ Fan Page for your Blog.You can share your blog posts,events,photos etc to your Google Official plus fan page.It is almost similar to Facebook Fan Page.
Lets see how to create it.(Description with images)
Follow the instructions

How to Backup/restore Blogger template

backup blog

This article is for absolute blogger beginners,about how to backup your blogger blog's template.This is very important thing that every blogger should beware of it. While adding or changing new features to your blog ,there may occur template crash.If you are not aware of this thing( backup template), it will affect your blogger blog's overall body language.So first you must know about backup your Blogger Blog Template.Follow the Steps 

Increase blog traffic using powerful meta tags

This is a very useful article for all bloggers,every blogger had a dream that their blog got higher rank in Google or other search engines.Adding meta tags to your blogger blog help you to increase blog traffic.The meta tag helps the search engine to find appropriate results,This is a powerful Search Engine optimization(SEO) method used by popular websites and blogs.
Within a few steps you can add powerful meta tags by following the below steps

Remove Subscribe to posts (atom) from Blogger Blog

#This is an article about how to remove Subscribe to:posts(Atom).
You must have seen that this Subscribe to:posts(Atom) at the bottom of your Blogger Blog.Blogger added it to every blogger blog for your visitors to subscribe atoms feeds.Do you thinks that it is quiet boring? Here a simple tip to remove it.
First of all 

Start Blogging